Karyukai emblem


The Karyukai Association symbol contains a combination of specific geometric shapes. The meaning of the ideographs inside the rhombus is KORYU, meaning “ancient martial arts”; behind the rhombus we have the symbol of the Ryogen Ryu school, a circle and a square in the center (with diagonals), which can be read by juxtaposing and rotating the letters O, N or Z, ONO or OZON. The other three ideographs represent KA – Fire, RYU – Dragon, and KAI – Association, therefore The Association of the Fire Dragon, Fire Dragon being the martial arts name of Ozon Karyu sensei, name which was given by Soke Takashi Ono in March 1998.


We wish to mention the fact that both the name and Karyukai emblem and the emblem and name of the Ryogen Ryu school are registered trademarks.
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