The system of ranks and titles in Karyukai/Ninbukan

In Karyukai you can recognize the level of the person by looking at his belt, but also by looking at the elements around the emblem.


The student wears a colored belt, according to the level he reaches in the main discipline he practices. Until the first exam the beginner is not allowed to wear under the Karyukai patch, the dojo name tag.

The diameter of the emblem is 10cm (the same size is available on all levels whether it is kyu or dan), in Iaikenpo the background is white, the rest is embroided with black, in shinobi bujutsu the background is red and the rest is yellow (golden).

At shokyu menkyo, the student receives a name tag with kanji on which is written Ninbukan. This name tag is under the Karyukai emblem. From this moment on, the name of the shokyu ranks owner will be put in keppanjo of honor of Honbu Dojo.

At chukyu menkyo the student gets another name tag with the name of the main discipline from Ryogen Ryu™ which he practices. Ex: Ryogen Ryu™ IAIKENPO, Ryogen Ryu™ SHINOBI BUJUTSU. This is placed on the left lapel, next to the Karyukai emblem.

At jokyu menkyo, the student gets a title of monjin (“man who has passed the dojo gate”), and from that moment on he is an internal student of
the school and may embrode the Ninbukan name tag directly on the Keikogi, as well as the main discipline which he practices. If he as reached a main discipline jokyu menkyo, but at the same time he has ranks in a secondary discipline, then he will embroid the full name of the school
Ryogen Ryu™ HEIHO BUGEI, instead of his main discipline. He may also embroid on the keiko-gi’s blouse and pants his name in Japanese, and on the back of the keiko-gi, the mon (the emblem) of the Ryogen Ryu™.



In shinobi bujutsu, from the first to the forth dan, the condition from jokyu are the same, the difference being made by the belts and the way that they are tied, but in iaikenpo will have a black background and the rest is embroided in white. At 5 dans, the student can embroid all name tags in white. The red color is reserved exclusively to kancho as well as other colors then the ones mentioned in the Karyukai patch.

Honbu dojo has all the patchs and name tags in stock and those who need them must address the instructors or directly to Honbu. Only the name tags and emblems made by Honbu are recognized. The patch and name tags are sowed directly on the keiko-gi. You will no use velcro when putting them on the keiko-gi.

In iaikenpo, from mu kyu (beginner with no rank) to 3 kyu, the student wears an indigo-blue or black hakama and a white keiko-gi. From 3 kyu you wear indigo-blue or black hakamas and keiko-gis. From shodan, obi can be worn instead of a belt. In shinobi bujutsu, the keiko-gi can be black or indigo-blue.