Sergiu Coroama

Shihan Ozon Karyu & Sensei Coroama Sergiu

Surname: Coroama
Name: Sergiu

Carrier / Special performance

    • 1989 – begins practicing martial arts with his older brother – Luigi Coroama, training in Shotokan Karate Do
    • 1990 – the club Washi he was part of, was affiliated to the Romanian Federation of Martial Arts  with sensei Adrian Popescu
    • 1990 – 1994 – participates in several regional competitions (participants from Iasi, Suceava, Piatra Neamt and Botosani) with notable results obtaining 3rd place in kumite and 2nd place at individual kata, in the years 1992-1993;
    • 1994 – starting to attend the university in Iasi, he trains under the lead of senpai Adascalitei Costel (2 Dan Shotokan Karate Do in the Federation of sensei Dan Stuparu) at Club Enpi
    • 1997 - First place won in the Federation Cup along with the Enpi club team, in kumite. In the same year he obtains his 1 Dan black belt, after a hard exam with sensei Dan Stuparu (the only person who obtained this rank in a group of 8 candidates), Also in 1997, for a year, he practices Tang Soo Do, training with the styles’ world champion at that time, Breaban Traian (currently a Texas deputy) and his older brother Luigi Coroama;
    •  1998-2000 continues practicing the two styles, without a teacher (he was transferred with his job to Mehedinti and Caras-Severin)
    • 2000 – begins practicing Ryogen Ryu with Shihan Cristian OZON KARYU; in parallel he participates in several karate competitions organized by M.A.I. (Minister of Internal Affairs)
    • 2003 – 5th place in individual kumite in the M.A.I. finals for the +85 kg category
    • 2006 – 2nd place in team kumite in the M.A.I. championship
    • 2007 – participates as an assistant instructor of Shihan Ozon Karyu, in the first Ryogen Ryu Belgium Taikai